Please note: Invoice number is NOT your ticket number. Your ticket number will be displayed below the transaction information in your email. If you do NOT receive your ticket numbers, please email 

Credit card statement will show a charge from the Fort Recovery Athletic Booster for the Tow-N-Go ticket. 

WoW! The Friday Night TOW-N-GO Raffle will occur for the first time at the 2021 Win on the Wabash! Tickets can be purchased for $25 each, or 5 for $100, on our website.

The TOW-N-GO Raffle will feature up to $270,000 in cash and prizes and will have up to 13 winners! The winners of this progressive raffle will be drawn on Friday evening, August 27th, 2021 at the Win on the Wabash event in Fort Recovery, OH. While you need not be present to win, this interactive, game-show style giveaway will be all the more fun if you are there to hear your name drawn!

Winners (or a representative for those not present) will be called up onto the stage to participate. All prizes will be lined up in the park, each with a lock on them. The first name drawn gets their choice of a key first. They will place that key into each lock until they find which one it unlocks. The prize they unlock is the prize they win! This will continue with each participant in the order they were drawn until all prizes are given away.

Tickets are available now through May 1st, 2021, or until sold out. There is no hard copy of these tickets, so your email confirmation after purchase will serve as your ticket. The number of prizes to be given away will be determined by the total number of tickets sold. Additional information on the F.A.Q tab.